“Hoe actrice Halle Bailey natuurlijk rood haar kreeg voor The Little Mermaid voor 140.000 euro”

"Hoe actrice Halle Bailey natuurlijk rood haar kreeg voor The Little Mermaid voor 140.000 euro"
"Hoe actrice Halle Bailey natuurlijk rood haar kreeg voor The Little Mermaid voor 140.000 euro"

“Hoe actrice Halle Bailey natuurlijk rood haar kreeg voor The Little Mermaid voor 140.000 euro”

The Secret Behind Halle Bailey’s Natural Red Hair for The Little Mermaid At a Cost of €140,000


Disney’s upcoming movie, The Little Mermaid, has sparked controversy with their unconventional casting decision to select Halle Bailey, an African-American actress, to play the iconic character Ariel. However, the attention has now shifted to another aspect of the production – the hair color of Halle Bailey, who is known for her beautiful curly locks. Reports have emerged that the studio spent €140,000 on a wig to give Bailey natural-looking red hair, just like the classic cartoon character.

The Making of the Red Wig

It is no secret that a well-made wig can transform an actor’s look. However, the process that went behind creating the perfect wig for Halle Bailey was nothing short of a masterpiece.

The wig was created by hair artist and wig maker, Robert Stevenson, who has worked with a number of high-profile celebrities. To recreate Ariel’s red hair in the most natural way possible, Stevenson had to dye the hair himself, using different shades of red and brown. He mixed various colors together and perfected the balance to get the exact shade of red required.

Once the hair was dyed, an entire team of expert wig makers spent weeks creating the wig itself. It was made using real human hair that was specifically selected based on texture and color to match Bailey’s hair type.

The team had to go through several rounds of testing and alterations to get the fit and look just right. They even incorporated individual strands of different colors to give the wig a more natural and believable appearance.

Why the Hefty Price Tag?

You might be wondering why the wig cost so much. Well, creating such a high-quality, natural-looking wig requires a considerable amount of skill, resources, and time, all of which come with a price tag.

Additionally, the demand for human hair has significantly risen in recent years, which has increased the cost of the raw materials used in the making of such wigs.

Furthermore, with Halle Bailey’s role being as iconic as Ariel, the studio could not afford to have the wig look anything less than perfect. The wig had to look just like the real thing, failing which would completely ruin the essence of the character.

All these factors contributed to the hefty price tag associated with the wig. However, when it comes to an important production like The Little Mermaid, cost-cutting is not an option.

The Impact of Halle Bailey’s Wig

Before the revelations about the wig emerged, Halle Bailey’s casting decision as Ariel was met with a lot of backlash. However, since the release of images showcasing her in the role, the controversy has died down, with many people praising Bailey for her stunning portrayal.

The impact of the wig cannot be discounted either. The Little Mermaid has always been known for Ariel’s red hair, which has become an integral part of her character in popular culture. Creating a wig that so perfectly mimics the hair has not only added to the believability of the portrayal but has also given confidence to young girls, who might feel empowered to embrace their own natural hair, regardless of its color or texture.


The story behind the making of Halle Bailey’s wig for The Little Mermaid is fascinating in its intricate details. It shows the level of care and attention that goes into the making of even the smallest of production details.

While some might argue that spending €140,000 on a wig is an unnecessary extravagance, for a production of this level, it is a mark of commitment to excellence. Additionally, the impact of the wig extends beyond the production and has the potential to inspire and empower young girls everywhere.

Summary: The making of the wig for Halle Bailey’s role in The Little Mermaid has been creating waves due to its natural-looking perfection and the €140,000 expense incurred in its making. The wig was made using real human hair specially selected to match Bailey’s hair texture and dyed using different shades of red and brown to get Ariel’s exact hair color. The attention to detail and commitment to creating the perfect look for Ariel’s role validates the hefty price, inspiring confidence and empowering young girls everywhere. #ENTERTAINMENT

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