Lucerito Mijares slaps Lucero on live TV | VIDEO

Lucerito Mijares slaps Lucero on live TV | VIDEO
Lucerito Mijares slaps Lucero on live TV | VIDEO

Lucerito Mijares slaps Lucero on live TV | VIDEO

Lucerito Mijares slaps Lucero on live TV

The Incident

On a recent episode of the Mexican reality singing competition “La Voz Kids,” 11-year-old contestant Lucerito Mijares, daughter of famous singers Lucero and Manuel Mijares, shocked viewers by slapping her own mother, Lucero, on live television. The incident occurred after Lucero, who is a judge on the show, criticized her daughter’s performance and questioned her song choice. As Lucerito tried to defend herself, she suddenly lashed out and hit her mother across the face.

The Reaction

The shocking incident immediately sparked outrage and controversy, with many viewers expressing their disgust and disappointment at the young contestant’s behavior. Some criticized Lucero for being too harsh on her daughter, while others blamed Lucerito for not showing proper respect to her mother and mentor. Lucerito herself later apologized for her actions, saying that she was overwhelmed by the pressure of the competition and the criticism from her mother.

The Aftermath

The incident has since become a viral sensation on social media, with many people sharing clips of the slapping incident and weighing in on the various aspects of the situation. Both Lucero and Lucerito have received numerous comments and messages from fans and critics alike, with some expressing support and others calling for repercussions.

The Importance of Positive Parenting

This incident highlights the importance of positive parenting and the impact that parental criticism and pressure can have on children, especially in high-stress situations such as a singing competition. It is important for parents to provide constructive criticism and support for their children’s goals and aspirations, while also allowing them the space to make mistakes and learn from them.

The Power of Apologies and Forgiveness

While the incident itself was regrettable, both Lucero and Lucerito have shown the power of apologies and forgiveness in the aftermath. By acknowledging and taking responsibility for her actions, Lucerito has demonstrated maturity and humility beyond her years. And by accepting her daughter’s apology and expressing her love and support for her, Lucero has shown that forgiveness and compassion can go a long way in resolving conflicts and healing relationships.


In conclusion, the slapping incident between Lucerito Mijares and Lucero on live TV has generated significant controversy and conversation about parenting, criticism, and forgiveness. While the incident itself was unfortunate, it has shed light on important issues and serves as a reminder of the impact that our actions and words can have on those we love. It is important for parents and children alike to maintain open and positive communication, and to approach conflicts with compassion and understanding.

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Summary: The incident where 11-year-old contestant Lucerito Mijares slapped her mother, Lucero, on live television during the Mexican reality singing competition “La Voz Kids” has caused a stir on social media. While many have criticized both parties, the incident has also highlighted the important issues of positive parenting, criticism, and forgiveness. Parents and children alike can learn from this situation, and the power of apologies and understanding can lead to healing and stronger relationships. #NEWS

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